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Six Sigma

Six Sigma is in essence a methodology aimed at reducing the variability of key process steps within an established, repetitive process.

Six Sigma was first applied in 1986 at Motorola, where it was developed by Bill Smith. Smith used his knowledge of Total Quality Management (TQM) to develop the Six Sigma methodology of DMAIC:

  1. Define the opportunity for improvement
  2. Measure the performance of the process
  3. Analyse the opportunity
  4. Improve performance
  5. Control performance 

Six Sigma is a methodology that is dependant on data, and is best suited for environments with high process repeatability such as mechanised operations. Our experience in Africa is that Six Sigma is an advanced process improvement tool that should only be considered after a successful Lean program.

Our Six Sigma solutions include:
  • Deployment strategy and management
  • Critical project identification and prioritisation
  • Benefit capture and tracking
  • Specialist project consulting

  • Training and Certification for yellow, green, black, and master black belt candidates (training courses available)
  • Candidate project mentoring