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60 years ago Taichi Ohno, a humble engineer at Toyota, laid the foundations of a system...

that was to become the mighty Toyota Production System (TPS). The concept of waste reduction in all processes within a business is central to the success of Toyota. 


Through the 1990’s Dan Jones and Jim Womack, two disciples of Taichi Ohno and TPS developed a generic concept which they termed “Lean”. In their ground breaking book “Lean Thinking” (1998) they defined the Lean Principles as:

  • Let the customer define the value
  • Organise the value stream to deliver the value
  • Let the value flow without interruption
  • Let the customers pull the value
  • Pursue perfection 

Business system

In the late 2000’s Lean was further defined as a Business System, linking all an organisation’s processes and people to customer purpose.

It is this broad, customer focused approach that has allowed Lean to remain the foundation of good business practice since the 1990’s. We don’t use Lean as a set of tools. Rather we link the Lean initiative to the business vision and strategy, and use it to provide a platform for business improvement solutions. 

Our Lean solutions focus on getting results through people. We work closely with key business personnel to build their ability whilst improving process performance and reducing costs. The ultimate goal is a sustainable initiative that creates a foundation for business success by optimising the available skills and resources in the organisation.