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Aerospace Organisation

Defence & civil aviation manufacturer  was instructed to implement Lean as part of a global business improvement initiative 


We suggested that the General Manager implement Lean as a business system rather than simply satisfying corporate requirements.  The principles of lean include:

  • Management engaging with workers on the Gemba (shop floor) through regular “walks”

  • Work place organisation and discipline through 5S

  • Quality and productivity improvement through operator based problem solving teams

  • Management facilitating a culture of improvement through learning rather than fear


His support and that of his senior management team resulted in the implementation of a robust management model based on the principles of Lean rather than just the implementation of the more commonly understood tools (eg: just-in-time)

Improvements include: 
  • Quality improvement of 25% in first time pass rate
  • Capacity improvement of 10%
  • Increase in employee engagement
  • Decrease in industrial action

  • Development of middle mgmt. capability
  • More time for senior mgmt. to focus on strategic initiatives